We recognize that our business has a role in creating a more sustainable future. We are committed to driving positive impact for all our stakeholders. LPA’s world class facilities are built on an exceptional Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (“ESG”) foundation.

Our properties are certified by EDGE, a green building certification system sponsored by the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and administered by GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.), which promotes the development of sustainable buildings — both internally, with expansive floor capacity, natural light and sufficient height clearance levels, as well as externally, with shared truck maneuvering yards, optimized platforms and container parking. These modern specifications enable our tenants to drive operational efficiencies for timely delivery of their goods and implement highly advanced operational and logistics processes that enhance their ability to compete.

LPA’s industry leadership in Sustainability is based on not only on the quality of our logistics facilities, but strict adherence to global best practices in environmental, societal and governance standards which are deeply embedded within our corporate culture. We’re committed to developing and operating modern, efficient and sustainable logistics parks that adhere to world class industry specifications, and focus on five key related areas: Environment, Governance, Customer Focus, Community Development and Workforce Management.